Why we started Sprout

Earlier this year we unveiled Sprout to the investing world. Just 5 months in and we’ve onboarded hundreds of investors and partnered with top-tier funds, so what better time to share our mission and why we started Sprout with you?

‘The best VC funds see the deals that I won’t even hear about until it’s too late, and if I wanted to invest in the top funds, I need a minimum investment size of £1m+. That’s a big reason why I founded Sprout — access and quality.’  Jonny Blausten, CEO and Co-Founder, Sprout

We are finance professionals with significant venture capital and private equity experience and we’re on a mission to bring accessibility to the best funds. Having struggled to find attractive opportunities to invest in the asset classes we interacted with day-to-day, we decided to create our own solution and level the playing field.

Sprout is changing the world of venture capital, opening up the best private market investment opportunities to a broader range of serious investors. Over the past 20+ years, VC funds have significantly outperformed the public markets, but you’d typically need over £1m cash to invest in a fund. Whether you have £5K or £500K to invest, VC’s risk/reward profile is attractive, promising, and, thanks to Sprout, is now within reach. 

We believe that eligible investors should be able to access private market fund opportunities guided by expert VC fund managers. Our platform provides you with access to those expert fund managers, opportunities, and previously inaccessible returns.

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