Does Sprout assess funds listed on the platform?

Yes, Sprout’s detailed sourcing and diligence process takes into account track record, team and investment thesis. We may also offer mission-led impact investment strategies and products from emerging and underrepresented fund managers.

Will I have a direct relationship with the fund manager?

Sprout has direct relationships with funds and their managers – we are the voice of investors, and represent their interests. On a discretionary basis, we may offer direct access to funds.

How do I know how my fund investments are performing?

Funds send us regular updates, typically quarterly. We distribute these to our investors in a digestible format.

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How much can I invest?

In general, there is no maximum amount you can invest in a fund. Where there is a constrained allocation, we will make this clear.

The typical minimum for eligible investors is £5,000 per fund. This may vary for certain opportunities, and we will make it clear when this is the case.

Is Sprout a fund of funds?

No, you decide to invest in a fund or not. This allows you to build a professionally sourced fund portfolio aligned with your interests and risk appetite.

What are your fees?

Fees will vary by fund, and by type of investment. Funds will typically charge their own fees based on size and other factors. Sprout’s fees will vary, but broadly consist of a one-off setup fee, and an ongoing annual fee. In addition, we will charge bespoke fees for coinvestment opportunities which will vary based on the funds’ own policies. The exact fees for each fund will be made clear in fund documentation on each opportunity page, and in all pre-investment materials you are asked to review and sign.

What’s the difference between Sprout and crowdfunding?

Sprout provides investors with fair access to funds and their managers, whose job it is to source and invest in the best opportunities. Funds screen thousands of opportunities annually, investing in a select few to build a diversified, balanced portfolio that reduces the risk of concentrated, direct investments and provides exposure to multiple underlying companies. They undertake deep due diligence and negotiate terms before investing, and then manage, monitor and support the portfolio company post-investment. Crowdfunding enables you to invest in individual companies, but without the support of the professionals.

Is Sprout a fund?

No, Sprout is not a fund. We provide investors with access to top-tier fund managers who invest in multiple companies for you.

Do the fund managers pay any fees?

No, Sprout’s mission is to provide investors with impartial and fair access to leading opportunities based only on our rigorous selection process.

Who can invest?

Sprout works with investors globally. To invest via Sprout, you will go through an accreditation process, which may vary by country. The assessment may include, but is not limited to, net assets, income and experience or knowledge of the risks associated with illiquid, private market investments.

I am an advisor/institution. Why partner with Sprout?

Sprout partners with you to offer your eligible clients access to venture capital funds. Get in touch to diversify your clients’ portfolios.

I am a fund manager. Why raise via Sprout?

We love to hear from top-quartile funds, impact investors and emerging managers aligned with Sprout’s mission. We democratise the access to your product, and take care of the legwork.