Why have Sprout as an LP?

Top-tier venture capital funds are choosing to work with Sprout for reasons including:

ESG impact and diversification of LP base

Sprout is proud to have a diverse customer base across professions and backgrounds. Working with Sprout allows you to play your part in changing the makeup of the private markets, enabling access to serious investors who deserve this opportunity to invest in the best funds.

Seamlessly dealing with one LP

Sprout is a single LP in your fund, and a single point of contact for you. Sprout undertakes AML/KYC procedures on all customers in line with FCA requirements, allowing funds to place reliance on our compliance process as a regulated entity, and also deals with the administrative burden of capital calls.

No hidden fees

Sprout does not charge any fees to the funds we work with as this lead to adverse selection, lead to adverse selection, or at least the perception of; we select funds based on quality.

Offering more than money

Sprout’s customers include a broad range of professionals, HNWIs and Family Offices across sectors and geographies - a ready made expert network.


“I’ve enjoyed working with the Sprout team. They understand the venture space and are professional in their approach. We look forward to continuing to build our relationship with Sprout in our future funds.”

Andrew Noyons, Investor Relations Partner, Hambro Perks