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Why Venture capital?

  • Venture capital is core to institutional investors’ portfolios – from investment and pension funds to endowments, access to private markets offers potentially outsized returns¹.
  • The private market industry reached $9.8 trillion in 2021; within this, VC hit record fundraising levels, attracting significant capital after decades of strong performance².
  • VC funds invest today in the businesses that define tomorrow – whilst higher risk can bring higher returns, venture capital’s reputation has evolved beyond being “risky”, with median funds significantly outperforming public markets and most major asset classes, and top quartile funds delivering IRRs of 35%+ over the past decade³.
  • Top-performing managers remain perpetually oversubscribed, with high minimum investment requirements – via Sprout, diversify your portfolio and access top-tier funds alongside both institutional and like-minded investors.

How Sprout works

Build and manage your portfolio online. Simply:


Sprout’s curated selection of high-quality VC funds


Commit capital and transact through Sprout’s platform


Track your portfolio’s performance through Sprout’s regular updates

About Sprout

From £5,000, access one of the best performing asset classes with handpicked, high-quality venture capital funds.

Top-tier funds have required a large minimum investment and they still do, often in excess of £1m. Sprout is changing this.

With your money professionally invested by seasoned fund managers, diversify your portfolio and back the game-changing businesses of tomorrow in just a few clicks.

Expert Team

Founded by venture capital and private equity professionals, we are on a mission to improve access to the best funds.

We struggled to find attractive opportunities to invest in the asset classes that we interact with day-to-day, so we created Sprout.

Watch your money sprout.

¹ Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.
² McKinsey “Private Markets Annual Review 2022”.
³ Pitchbook.