Which opportunities are on the platform?

Sprout has built relationships with hundreds of fund managers and investors who must verify their details and share additional information in order to feature on the marketplace. Current opportunities span private equity funds, venture capital funds, and co-investment (direct) opportunities into individual companies.

Is Sprout recommending these funds?

We do not advise, or recommend individual funds to our clients. We are able to assist with consulting and due diligence on funds for clients who require additional support.

What about other asset classes?

We can source opportunities across all private markets asset classes, but specialise in private equity and venture capital.

Will I have a direct relationship with the fund manager?

Yes, providing you are eligible and able to invest in the fund. We will introduce you directly to the fund managers you wish to connect with.

How do I know how my fund investments are performing?

Funds share regular updates, typically on a quarterly basis. Once you have invested in a fund, these will be available to view via our platform.

What is the minimum investment?

Each fund will have different minimum investment requirements, and may also have different eligibility criteria, depending on where the fund is domiciled. The minimums for these opportunities can range from as little as £25k, up to in excess of £5m for some large cap funds. We will only show you opportunities that will accept investors matching your personal circumstances and preferences.

Is Sprout a fund?

No, Sprout is not a fund. It is a marketplace for investors to connect to fund managers and co-investments that match their specific strategies.

Sprout is also not a fund of funds. You decide if you want to invest in a fund or not. This allows you to build a professionally sourced fund portfolio aligned with your interests and risk appetite.

What are Sprout's fees?

Access to the platform is free for investors. For investors who require additional support, we offer an ongoing investment consultancy service. Contact us to learn more.

Do the fund managers pay any fees?

Yes, we will typically be paid by fund managers when investors transact. This will not cost you any extra - it comes out of the fund managers’ fees.

Who can invest?

Sprout works with investors globally. To invest via Sprout, you will go through an accreditation process, which may vary by country. The assessment may include, but is not limited to, net assets, income and experience or knowledge of the risks associated with illiquid, private market investments.

What are the risks of investing in private markets?

Investments in private equity and venture capital funds are speculative and entail a high level of risk. Investors who can not afford to lose their entire investment should not invest. The value of investments may go up or down over time. The risk profile of direct investing (e.g. co-invest) is typically greater than the risk profile of managed funds, due to the portfolio effect.

Private markets are also typically illiquid (unless explicitly stated otherwise). Investors who can not hold illiquid investments for a period of at least 10 years should not invest.

Private equity and venture capital should only form a part of a well-diversified investment portfolio.

I am an advisor / institution. Why partner with Sprout?

Sprout gives you the ability to unlock private markets as an asset class for your customers, without additional fee layers that get in the way of other providers’ offerings. Get in touch to diversify your clients’ portfolios.

I am a fund manager. How can I work with Sprout?

We love to hear from great funds, impact investors and emerging managers. To be featured on the platform, please contact info@viasprout.com to connect with our team.